Test for the Port of Kokkola

Answer all of the statements by choosing (T) True or (F) False to fit the question. There can be one or more right answers. All of the statements must be answered. Empty box equates zero points.

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 Operating in the industrial area



      Negligence of the instructions given in the Safety Manual will result in a remark, a warning or the prohibition to work in the area.
      Parking is prohibited on railways and crane rails.
      Working within the port area requires a valid work safety card.
      Taking photographs and videos in the port area is only permitted by the permission of the Port Tower.
      The common speed limit of 40 km/h is in force within the port area.
      The maximum allowed axle load in the quay of the General Port between the crane rails is 12 t.
      The sanctions given in the Port for neglecting the safety regulations are in force in the Industrial Park, as well.
      The driver of a motor vehicle may not use a mobile phone while driving in the port area.
      The access key and driving permit are personal, and they may not be transferred to another person or vehicle.
      Performance of maintenance work in the port area always requires a work permit from the Port Tower.
      The holder of the driving permit is responsible for that all persons in the vehicle have passed the Port of Kokkola safety test.
      There is an air raid shelter at the end of warehouse No. 3 of the Deep Port.