Kokkola Industrial Park’s area has a land plot of 50 hectares planned for the heavy chemical industry.

Park’s properties consist of different types of premises supporting industrial activities. We offer business premises:

- for office use
- for maintenance and repair
- for warehousing
- for social spaces
- for commercial use

If premises existing in the Park are not suitable for the company’s activities, it is possible to implement changes according to customer's needs. Furthermore, the construction of new premises will be provided to meet the needs of existing and future companies in the Park. If you need premises for your business, contact KIP Infra.


At the moment, the expansion of Port Tower is in the construction phase. The extension part will be built in connection with the current property. Security guards, a reception for visitors and meeting rooms would be transferred to the new part. Also, traffic arrangements are intended to be implemented in a new way. The extension is based on a 6-story modern building and design is also exploring opportunities for renewable energy. At the moment, Port Tower’s premises are rented by 20 companies, employing 160-170 employees.

Port Tower = the landmark and the entry passage to the KIP