Kokkola Industrial Park is a pioneer in safety. Success has been achieved through cooperation between companies operating in the area.

Areas of industrial enterprises are fenced. Vehicle and passenger traffic takes place ALWAYS through Port Tower. The hosting organization is responsible for making sure that visitors make a visit announcement in the Port Tower, from which they will receive a visitor’s card. The Park is monitored by access control systems and camera surveillance. Port Tower serves as a monitoring center for the area.


Moving around the Park is a subject to a license and requires an entry pass. Access key, driving permit or visitor’s card work as an entry pass. Vehicle and entry passes are vehicle-specific or personal and may not be transferred to third parties. The Park controls the licensed traffic by recording camera surveillance, vehicle speeds are also monitored and, if necessary, the drivers are checked with a breathalyzer. In addition, a visual identity card with a tax number is required in construction sites.


From June 2016, a professional factory fire brigade has been operating in Kokkola Industrial Park’s area. Factory fire brigade offers high-quality fire and rescue services in accordance with customer-specific agreements. KIP provides a high-quality, cost-effective and integrated fire protection system so that customers can focus on strategic objectives and core competencies, leaving the fire and rescue matters in the hands of a skilled expert.


In the Park, general road traffic regulations, as well as instructions issued by Port Tower staff, are followed. In the area, there is a speed limit of 30 km/h unless otherwise indicated by the traffic sign. There are regular speed controls in the Park. Driving a vehicle in the Park is only allowed with the driving permit from Port Tower and on marked driving routes. Permission is granted mainly for the transportation of goods as well as emergency driving. Parking is only allowed with marked parking spaces. If necessary, ask for a separate daily parking permit from the Port Tower for visiting places in the area. Overnight stays are not allowed in the cars nor caravans.

When driving on marked roads, always use flashing yellow light or hazard warning lights and take into account the pipe bridges in the Park as well as underground water, sewage, and other networks. Also note that there are various trucks, trains, and hazardous chemicals transported in the Park. Many of the train crossings are unattended. Trains and others machines running on rails always have a right-of-way regardless of booms, lights or other alarm devices. The railroad must not be crossed when the train is approaching, the light guide obliges to stop, a special voice signal is heard or the boom is down.


Working in the Kokkola Industrial Park requires the professional competence essential for the task and valid:


The Park has a zero-tolerance policy concerning intoxicants and other narcotic substances. The violators of the policy are removed from the Park and the removal is reported to the person’s employer.


Taking photos and videos in the Park without a permit is forbidden. Issued licenses may be checked by the guard.


The use of mobile phones is forbidden in the areas and premises marked with EX sign. For the use of a mobile phone, the vehicle must be stopped in a safe place where it is not disturbed by other traffic.

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