Safety induction

KIP and Port of Kokkola safety induction

In order to obtain a travel permit, the host/employer company or the employee must be invited to the area. Find out in which role you will arrive in the area. Are you a visitor, driver, contractor or employee?

Fill the safety briefing according to your role either in advance, with the e-mail invitation you received, or at the Port Tower's visitor center.

The area is always accessed through Port Tower Visit Center. After proving your identity, you will receive the required travel permit. The access permit is always person or vehicle-specific. The pass must be returned to Port Tower Visit Center.


Application for driving a vehicle to the KIP Area

The KIP area is subject to a national residence and movement restriction regulation. The area is fenced and there is permanent video surveillance in the area.

The security guards have the right to check the right of movement of persons and vehicles in the area.

In addition, company personnel have the right to check the right of movement on the company's own property.

Vehicle permits are vehicle-specific and may not be transferred to another vehicle.

Vehicles with drivers pass through the vehicle gate. Passengers must scan their transition with their own access control key at the access control point.



  • Getting a permit requires the host/employer company or the employee to be invited to the area.
  • Justified need to use the vehicle in the area (goods transport, work assignment, etc.)

To the application form from this link


The safety guide is to be used by all those working in the industrial area and in the port. The supplier must ensure that its own personnel and the personnel of possible subcontractors are familiar with this instruction and follow it in their work.


Port Tower visit center

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